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The site is partly developed www.bluartbook.com on multi-platform AJAX (acronym: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), and several components are made of Adobe Flash technology, while some documents are available in Acrobat PDF format for whose reading Acrobat Reader required.

It is recommended that both enabled, client-side Javascript.

For this site we recommend a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 (pixels)
wide-screen, suitable to view in full screen images contained in it.
Fonts to high contrast to facilitate the reading.
The site is auto-measuring.

Pages: each page has its own background image, and each background image can also achieve 500 KB.

Photographs: all inserted pictures can reach a size of 1 mb each, and are of medium to low quality and silk-screened within and contain a tracker file, to prevent an unauthorized use of images.

Graphics: The adopted graphics is in format.PNG (acronimo: Portable Network Graphics).

The Site is visible with the following browsers:

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, Konqueror.

Realization Graphics:
Domenico Vecchio

Realization Photographs: Domenico Vecchio

Photos uploaded in the site:

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