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The Graphics developed and exposed in this gallery is all accomplished in Vector mode.
The development takes place at the specific request of customers.

The exposed images are presented in different formats, including the decomposed drawing mode.

The Vector Graphics allows the development of any drawing high definition in any size unlike bitmap mode graphics.
The Vector Graphics, are defined through mathematical equations, is resolution independent, while raster artwork, if you zoomed in or displayed on a device with a resolution greater than that of the monitor, lose definition.


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Notes on the vision of the images
By selecting the image, that is, the button with "Gallery" opens a standalone window, full screen for optimal viewing of images in this Gallery.

Crash Helmet, i develop sketch
in vectorial graphics

Realization: D.V.

Gas stove, i develop sketch
in vectorial graphics

Realization: D.V.

Graphics 3D, realization
Domenico Vecchio 1995/2000

Realization: D.V.
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