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All the present material in the web site:
www.bluartbook.com "Blu Art Book ® - Domenico Vecchio", code HTML, ColdFusion code, PHP, JS, Flash and all the images, the logotipo, the menu, let alone the relative one layout is of property of Blu Art Book ® and they cannot be copied, be modified and be reproduced in no way and on no mass media, inclusive personal blog, without an explicit one allowed written from part:
Blu Art Book ® bluartbook@bluartbook.com

Copyright on photographic images:
the contained images in the situated present have been realized, produced and elaborated directly from Domenico Vecchio in way it originates them, and contain to their inside, like indicated from the art. 90 of Law 22.04.1941, n. 633:

- date of production of the photography;

- name of the author of the work,

and are therefore considered to be works by the creative genius of character, as specifically protected under the aforementioned law which gives the author of a photographic work both moral rights and rights of exploitation referred to in art. 12 – 19.
Patrimonial rights last for the entire life of the author and for 70 years after his death: the use of a photographic work, therefore, is subject to the consent of the author or his heirs and the payment of any compensation.

Subjects portraits:
A picture, a photo, a video of a person may not be displayed, reproduced or marketed without the consent of this, unless the reproduction of the image is not justified by reputation (actors, politicians, singers), by necessity of Justice or the police, from educational or scientific purposes, cultural, or when playback is connected to the facts, events, public interest or ceremonies which took place in public (l. No. 633 of April 22, 1941).

Photos representing people were published with permission of subject portraits.

Therefore I use it without authorization and/or the partial reproduction also involves the violation of the placed norms to protection of the copyright, of which to Law 22.04.1941, n. 633, art. 87 beyond integrating one of crime to the senses of the same Law.

Blu Art Book ® it is a registered trademark


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