Biographical Notes
Pierre Casè

Pierre Casè was born in Locarno on 16th February, 1944, lives and works in the Maggia 4 in the Canton Ticino.

For ten years, from 1990 to 2000, was the artistic director of the Pinacoteca Casa Rusca in Locarno that oversaw the organisation of important exhibitions devoted to European art of the twentieth century. Always, however, Casè is the painter and long list of exhibitions held in public and private spaces. Among the most recent reviews, go remember those proposed in 1998 at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Manège in 1999 at the Galleria SPSAS Locarno in 2001 at the Galleria del Credito Valtellinese (Palazzo Sertoli) of Sondrio, in 2002 the Kunstgarten Galerie Hedy Ernst of Mühlehof and at the Design Center Langenthal, in 2003 the Gallery San Carlo Milanof Course, the Galleria and at the Museo Civico of Genoa Floriano Bodini to Gemonio, in 2004 the retrospective at the Pinacoteca Casa Rusca of Locarno, in 2007 the exhibition Mnemosyne for Venice in the Church of San Stae in Venice.
(information about the biography, taken from Uessearte - Como)

In Venice in the prestigious and unusual exhibition seat of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, on the first floor have exposed his 20 major works (200 × 310 cm each), each dedicated to a Sotoportego* (typical Venetian walkway). A realization that has engaged the artist for 3 years.
The exhibition has the narrative, Venetian writer Alberto Toso Fei ( which presents ten fantastic anecdotes on ten of twenty Sotoportego exposed.

Pierre Casè has listed two hundred and fifty Sotoportego, many of them exist in the Sestieri of Venice, and thanks, also, reading the book by Giuseppe Tassini "Venetian Curiosity", where describes corti, calli, campielli e Sotoportego branches with their history, has taken the theme for the realization of 20 Sotoportego in triptychs.

The exhibition was held from September 3th up to October 30th 2011.
Venice - Scuola Grande della Misericordia - Sestriere Cannaregio, 3599 - Tel. +39 041 25873365

Available the catalogue published by Skira Editore, which presents all the exhibited works, introduced by Luciano Caprile, Maurizio Ferraris, Graziano Martignoni, Gawker, Paola Piffaretti and accompanied by ten "stories" by Alberto Toso Fei.

The exhibition has used some patronage of:

Città di Venezia, Assesorato alle Attività Culturali
Consolato di Svizzera a Milano
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino
Ticino Switzerland

and it has been realised by the contribution of:

SWISSLOS SSIC-Società Svizzera Impresari Costruttori, sezione Ticino
Collezione Renata e Urs Baumann, Aarwangen Collezione Cinque F, Ticino
Collezione privata, Ascona Anonimo Veneziano, Amici e collezionisti dell'artista

* Sotoportego: particular Venetian architectural structure with covered passages and arcades opened under private construcions.